lundi 22 août 2022

Develop soft skills while learning mathematics at college and high school [aug 2022]

The leadership theory "Contextual Soft Skills" tag line says "The right skills yes, but at the right time and in the right place" [1].
What if the right place is college ot high school ? And the right time, mathematics lessons ?

From our academicwise research on soft skills, soft skills coaching and college-to-high school level mathematics training, we have observed that learning and practising pre-university level mathematics can help developing soft skills. 

To accelerate the promise, we have crafted a framework which is inspired from our digital systems management and innovation management practices [2].

This framework has been named Maths2SoftSkills.

For French reading visitors, you may contemplate Maths2SoftSkills in action on a pilot site, "Le point, la règle et la droite" [3].


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[3] Le point, la règle et la droite