jeudi 4 février 2021

DISC Governance : a pattern to ease manager / collaborator teamwork

The pattern "Dominance, Inducement, Submission, Compliance", which forms the acronym DISC and where the terms are respectively associated to the colors blue, red, yellow and green, originated in William Moulton Marston's book Emotions of Normal People (1928) [1a][1b].

Since then, Marston's pattern has been interpretated into tools that help trainers and coaches to steward their clients ; for exemple, some of these tools can help identifying personality or making skills set assessment [2].

To deliver governance management services [3], we have designed a new interpretation of DISC : Delegate, Influence, Support, Command where the associated colors are respectively purple, green, blue and red.

 This genuine pattern has been named "DISC Governance".


The DISC Governance pattern can bu used to distinguish four leadership styles and as a matter of fact can be an efficient tool to enlighten creation journeys.

For exemple,should we focus on creation of Ecole Polytechnique alumni (AX) "groups" :

  • X-Intellectual-Property (X-Propriété-Intellectuelle) was created under a Command leadership style ;
  • X-Open-Innovation vas created under a Influence leadership style ;
  • X-Diversity (X-diversité) was created under a Support leadership style [4].

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About the creator

Tru Do-Khac (X79), a Vietnamese French consultant,  has a hands-on experience of enterprise culture. 

In the first part of his career, he served companies of worldwide culture reputation (IBM and Accenture), an european company (Alcatel NV, today Nokia) and a French company which has become international (France Telecom, today Orange). He eventually joined a telecom consulting SME based in Paris.

In the second part of his career, he has been delivering consulting services, designing soft skills tools,  making self-funded research on management, writing two books,  nurtuing several blogs, while volonteering in social activities. 

Tru Do-Khac is the creator of the soft skills game  Governance Poker®.

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